Show Me Missouri Museums and Archives Virtual Series

Missouri is home to over 600 significant museums and archives. The Missouri Association of Museums and Archives in partnership with the Missouri Humanities Council wants to help you share your organization’s unique story with the public. We are curating videos for a virtual programming series. Participating institutions will have the opportunity to showcase their space and collection through social media via posts, short videos, or virtual programs.

You get to choose your topic and format. Projects could be a tour of exhibits, behind-the-scenes operations, collections items, educational activity, or interpretive program. Videos can be prerecorded or broadcast live. The Show Me Missouri Museums and Archives program will take place over June, July and possibly August.

If a video or virtual program is not right for you, space in the schedule will also include non-video content posting, for example a story on an important artifact from your collection with a photo. Help your photos and posts reach further in our combined network!

For more details or if interested please contact: Levi Cullifer at