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The Midwest Museums Association has announced their training workshops for 2009 on Financial Management, Exhibits, Branding and Museum Memberships. Financial challenges are confronting all of us, individuals, institutions and the field itself. Are your budgets being cut, programs scaled back, staff levels reduced? What is the impact on our work and our lives and how do we respond? AAM invites you to register today for a new 4-Part web conference: “Straight Talk: Museums Rising to the Financial Challenge, March 18-19, 2009. Join this timely four-part program, each exploring issues crucial to museums in these challenging times: retrenchment and realignment, fundraising, managing people, and communications strategies. Benefit from new ideas, reliable information and resource-sharing. Fellowship deadline is February 20! For more information, visit: AAM’s site. AASLH | Online Museum Classes | Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies