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Putting History All Together: Missouri Association for Museums and Archives Annual Conference

October 13-15, 2022

St. Charles, MO

Sponsored by Missouri Humanities Council

Call for Proposals [PDF]

History is at its most informative, most complete, and most useful when it is presented and interpreted within the greater context of the times. We are all products of a shared history that includes many voices, perspectives, and experiences. Good history takes this into account. This year’s annual meeting will showcase how museums and archives are putting history together. Tell us about a project, program, exhibit, or collection at your institution that best demonstrates that no one’s history exists in a vacuum.  Sessions may be 30-45 minutes in length. We encourage you to partner with other museum/archives professionals to collaborate on a panel or present individually. 

Submissions are due July 22, 2022 via email to Christopher Gordon. Include Name, Institution/Organization/Company, Address, Phone, Email, Title of Proposed Session/Abstract or Description of Session, Presenter Names / Affiliations, and Length of presentation (30, or 45 minutes). 

Registration will open here and direct any questions to info AT missourimuseums DOT org

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